magdalen didn't know her passion for music would bring her front & center to a life on the stage. she began playing classical piano and writing songs at age 8, and painting at age 15. early on she focused intensely on painting, graduating with a degree in fine art from rhode island school of design and setting her sights on an art career in new york city. shortly after graduating, she had a vivid dream that abruptly changed the direction of her life. "i dreamt i was a musician living in seattle, and felt utterly compelled to follow that message." checking her fears, she followed her dream and moved to seattle to pursue a career in music where she started her own record label and began touring.nationally. she graduated with highest honor from the prestigious berklee college of music in 2008 with a bachelor of music in songwriting. "i never regretted my decision to put music first. i am determined to make art that connects with people on the deepest level possible, and know i am best able to accomplish that for myself and for others through music and writing.

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