“smashing the ceiling" was an incredible album to make. magdalen says, "the songs felt completely inspired as i wrote them, as if i were a channel and they were coming from some higher source. I was lucky to be able to work with phenomenally talented musicians like matt, jon, julie, tim, and eyvind, as well as co-producers within the close-knit seattle community. in the studio there was synergy because of the shared musical histories and friendships between many of the players. this music was in many ways a community effort.”

‘change the world’ is a tour de force call for consciousness in the ways we see ourselves collectively, individually, politically, and culturally. “throughout my life i have encountered many situations where in order to achieve my goals, i had to challenge and break through my own preconceived ideas, doubts, and fears to overcome obstacles. the song reminds us that anytime we are able to have such a breakthrough, we create a ripple effect that can inspire.

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